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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Workshops

Building Agency Capabilities to Ignite Impactful Digital Transformations.
How We Can Help
Workshops- At a Glance

MSI is the leader in teaching best practices for process automation deployment and the project execution.  Whether training a new group of developers or optimizing your process selection techniques, MSI teaches both the technological and the methodological skills that your company or agency will need to succeed.

Automation Program
Strategy Workshops

MSI facilitators provide expert support to emerging automation programs via our strategy workshops.  These events can help a program quickly coalesce around a common strategy and set of intended outcomes that align with business, technology, and mission requirements.  MSI can help programs codify the strategy in formal planning documents, metrics definitions, and executive reporting. 

  • Automation Program Strategy Workshops

  • Program Capability Development Workshops

  • Process Intervention Workshops

  • Staff Skills Development Workshops

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Program Capability Development Workshops

Automation Programs must excel at multiple capabilities to maximize productivity.  MSI offers capability development workshops that enable Programs to optimize:

  • Technology Management (Credentialing, Security, and Privacy).

  • Operations Management (Testing, Maintenance, Auditing, and Internal Controls).

  • Process Selection, Assessment, and Improvement.

  • Performance Measurement, Business Value, and Management Reporting.

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Process Intervention Workshops

Clients often come to MSI with a business process they know is inefficient, manual, and in need of automation.  MSI's process intervention workshops, led by our Lean experts, provide rapid solutions for clients to accurately define the challenge, document the process, collect baseline data, identify root causes, generate automation solutions, and plan automation. 

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Staff Skills Development Workshops

Automation Programs require skilled staff fulfilling key roles like developer, program manager, business requirements SME, process improvement expert, and project coordinator.  MSI offers tailored training for each role- ensuring all staff are optimally contributing to an effective and impactful RPA Program.

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