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Teaming Partners

MSI's Track Record of Success Makes us a Strong Addition to Any Contracting Team

MSI provides expertise in niche management sciences that are powerful differentiators on large scale solutions.


MSI understands that subcontracting can be risky for large businesses. Margins can be impacted, quality can be harder to control, and customer relations can be complicated. When MSI personnel work as subcontractors,they adopt the policies and processes of the prime contractor. They do not market MSI.


MSI maintains a staff of seasoned experts in niche fields often difficult for larger firms to maintain. This staff can make all the difference on large solutions.


MSI personnel make it their goal to make the prime contractor successful. At MSI, we choose to work with prime contractors that consider subcontracting part of their strategy and know the value of strong prime-sub relationships.  

Our Consulting Services
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  • Strategy Development

  • Performance Management 

  • Strategy Execution



  • Masterclasses 

  • Custom Learning Solutions

Process Optimization.png

Process Optimization 

  • Six Sigma & Lean

  • Process Transformation

  • Industrial Engineering 

  • Logistics and Supply Chain

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  • Talent Strategy 

  • Talent Management

  • Leadership & Culture  

Business Transformation.png

Business Transformation 

  • Operating Model Design 

  • Transformation Roadmap & Implementation

  • Change Management 

Our Digital Transformation Solutions
Automation Services.png

Automation Services

  • Workflow Automation 

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Intelligent Automation

  • Artificial Intelligence

Center of Excellence.png

Center of Excellence  

  • Operational Assessment 

  • Operating Model Design

  • Implementation Support 



  • Automation Program Strategy Workshops

  • Program Capability Development Workshops

  • Process Intervention Workshops 

  • Skills Development Workshops

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