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Digital Transformation

Automation Services

Leveraging Automation to Maximize Workforce Productivity.
Automation Technologies- At a Glance

Agencies seeking to deploy new and emerging automation technologies can face significant hurdles.  Agencies must make a series of critical determinations, including:

  • What is the business challenge to be solved?

  • Which capabilities are needed?

  • Which technologies align best with agency needs and existing IT infrastructure?

  • What are the critical implementation concerns and how can they be overcome?

  • How should the solution be deployed to maximize return on investment?

MSI has been an innovative leader in helping Federal clients successfully deploy automation technologies since our company was founded nearly 20 years ago.  Our methodologies and approaches are scalable, and our consultants have provided leading-edge support to projects as broad as deploying enterprise resource management tools, and as narrow as tailored RPA solutions.

Our recent leadership work on the adoption of automation technologies includes writing the Federal RPA Program Playbook (available on, establishing security and governance policy for intra-agency and cross government use, and developing standardized government-wide metrics for automation deployments.

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MSI's deep understanding and proven track record of implementing cutting-edge technologies in the federal sector will ensure agency success while providing maximum ROI.

Automation Services
  • Workflow Automation

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Intelligence Automation

  • Artificial Intelligence

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