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Who We Are

Deep Expertise Driving Results

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Decades of experience leading transformation initiatives within leading private and public sector organizations.

About MSI

MSI is an expert solutions provider located in the Washington DC Metro Region with two decades of experience serving Industry, Federal, State and Local Government Clients, Non-Profit, and Higher-Ed.  Many of our clients are long-standing partners who continue to request our support in solving complex business challenges.

Our team boasts advanced degrees from leading institutions, industry certifications, and deep experience in process engineering, strategy, process automation, innovation, and technology.  

MSI is a committed to operating like a meritocracy - ambition, innovation, and hard work are rewarded.  We are also committed to having fun.  Potential team members should expect challenging work in a laid-back, collegial atmosphere.   



Join a high-performing team of management professionals dedicated to management excellence.

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