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Strategy & Performance

Set Direction.  Create Accountability.  Build Cohesion.  Get it Done.
Strategy & Performance- At a Glance
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  • Strategic Development

  • Performance Management

  • Strategy Execution



In our decades of work conducting strategic planning, developing performance management capabilities and implementing strategy, we have seen it all.  Strategic planning rarely translates to directed action within the operation.  Effective organizations understand this problem and have mastered the techniques for strategic planning that keep them ahead of the competition.


How We Can Help

We help our clients develop strategies that communicate priorities and performance commitments to stakeholders; is supported by high-quality, fact-based analysis and strategic insight to support transformational decision-making; and is tightly connected with an organization's performance management capabilities, and tactical planning processes.  This alignment drives the appropriate organizational commitment and resourcing that is required to execute the strategy. 

MSI's approach is simple and effective.  It leverages proven, well-known strategy development techniques (i.e. Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Maps, Logic Models, OKRs and Hoshin Kanri).


MSI has a strong reputation for helping clients in highly visible organizations establish forward-thinking strategic plans.  We help translate strategy into the goals, performance metrics and initiatives and capabilities required to operationalize the strategy.

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